Cloud Services

Agility, productivity, security; everything is better in the cloud. Don’t be the last one in your sector to leverage this vital technology.

Cloud Migration, Management, and Maintenance to Keep You on the Cutting Edge.

Like the internet before it, the cloud has become an indispensable technology for businesses of all kinds. Those that don’t adopt cloud computing effectively are doomed to fall behind those that do. Navigating the many intricacies of the cloud and deciding among the staggering amount of options can be daunting, Veiliant specializes in relieving this burden.
After a thorough analysis of your organization’s needs and goals, our engineers will recommend cloud solutions to best meet them. Whether you are migrating for the first time or transitioning to a better system, we will make sure your journey is smooth and nondisruptive. With cloud infrastructure from Veiliant and our specialists managing it, you will experience unprecedented productivity and the growth that comes with it.

Customizable options with private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructure available depending on your needs

Licensing and management services for Microsoft 365, the world’s premier cloud software

Service desk engineers on call to assist with any issues

Geographically diverse data centers safeguarding off-site backups and business continuity

Scaling solutions so you’re never without capacity or paying for what you don’t need

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