Business Continuity

Protect your business by being able to continue operations in the case of a natural disaster, ransomware attack, or unforeseen technical error.

Complete Turnkey Data Protection Package

For industry compliance and stakeholder protection, every organization needs a system to prevent data loss. Threats to data are varied, from technical issues, to natural disasters, to ransomware attacks. The most effective way to mitigate all of these risks is to back up everything, every few minutes. With this redundancy, intellectual property is always recoverable and business operations will continue, no matter what happens to your network.
Veiliant has partnered with industry leading vendors to develop a complete data protection package. It automates backup-scheduling and allows you to restore everything from individual files to complete systems after a disaster strikes. Regardless of your industry, our solution is customizable to meet your specific requirements. You’ll have comprehensive data security processes and tools in place that minimize your risk exposure and ensure seamless recovery.

Simplify Your Data Protection with:

Backup & Recovery

Recover anything, anywhere, at any time.

Cloud Mobility

Protect, restore, and migrate workloads across any cloud.

Monitoring & Analytics

Built in intelligence for complete visibility and remediation.

Governance & Compliance

Ensure security, compliance and privacy requirements.

High Availability & Failover

Replicate your data to ensure less downtime.

Ready For The Next Generation of Business IT?